Somewhere off the beaten path

Somewhere off the beaten path, you find bits and pieces of yourself.


As the year comes to an end, which path will you choose to take next? 


Enchanting, Ethereal, El Nido: A Gallery

Allow these pictures tell you a story of their own. 

Then again, there is truly nothing better than to see it for one’s self.

Enchanting, Ethereal, El Nido: 3 of 3

The next day, we were off to another early start as we availed another island hopping tour, Tour C. This time around, we had a more private boat as there were only three of us together with a Filipino couple who arrived the day before. I must say that though the first tour had such amazing snorkelling sites, this second tour had wonderful beaches that I could never forget. 

Hidden BeachHidden Beach

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Enchanting, Ethereal, El Nido: 2 of 3

By the beach

It was 7:30 am the next day when my friend and I headed down for breakfast without waiting for our French friend who was still sound asleep. A Badjao man approached us while we were eating, offering us pearls and pretty stones. I bought a pair of pearl earrings even if I knew I could buy one in the city as well. The charm of the beach worked on me and it would be my personal souvenir for this trip.  The three of us finished eating on time as the tours always began at 9 am. We paid for our Eco-Tourism Development Fee and joined the rest of the tourists in the boat.
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Before I Forget: A Photowalk

March 04, 2013 — One of my last days in the Ateneo spent on this photowalk, one of those things I listed down on my imaginary bucket list before I graduate. With simply a point-and shoot digital camera and noob photography skills, I went around on my own for a while. I find my university really beautiful and I have made a lot of amazing memories here. So I wanted to do this, before I forget.

College ChapelIn the College Chapel where I began after a short prayer of gratitude.

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