Somewhere off the beaten path

Somewhere off the beaten path, you find bits and pieces of yourself.


As the year comes to an end, which path will you choose to take next? 


As I walk two moons


Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins. – American Indian Proverb

I had just finished rereading Sharon Creech’s Walk Two Moons and it still gave me the same lingering feeling of wanting to muse over things after I turned the last page of the book. I may have written my thoughts in one of my earlier journals back then and now here I was again, scribbling on my latest journal, pouring word after word coz they kept coming out of me, sometimes faster than I could write them down.

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Captain America, Decisions, and Reasons

A notable long weekend it is for me, Saturday being free comic book day and a day out with my mom and aunt, a prequel to Mother’s Day, Sunday stay-in having my grandma also arriving for a simple celebration of the special day as a family, and finally today, Monday the election day also dubbed as #PiliPinas, when translated to English is a pun for “Choose, Philippines”, referring to the country as an entity that needs to make a choice.

Free Comic Book Day (2)

I must say that before the actual elections, the movie, Captain America: Civil War or otherwise hailed to be Avengers 3 or 3.1, came out. Before seeing the film, I have been hearing the question “Are you Team Captain America or Team Ironman?” being asked in social media and by my brother to me. Initially, I had an answer based solely on the superhero I liked better but upon watching the movie, I finally understood why the question was raised. It was not merely a question on who had better muscles (biceps and triceps in this particular case) or who was seen to be the cooler guy (for being a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist). It was a question on whose stand do you side on? I was for Team Ironman, thinking that limits are put in place for a reason and that it is important to work within the bounds of what is allowed, whether legally or morally. After the entire movie though, I also understood Captain’s point of view. It also made me think that my answer may be the former but what will I do when I am placed in a real-life circumstance that will make me choose?

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You, I, We

Writing here again, after quite a while, is like going back to a secret garden or a rabbit hole where I can be all by myself, surrounded by my little thoughts and treasures.

I have been deep in thought since Wednesday and my fingers have brought me here to this good ‘ol place of mine as I want to pour some of those ponderings in writing. Living life in the real world is a rush and getting caught up in all its activities made me unable to be here as often as I did before. Things have changed and things are still constantly changing. And I’m in the middle of it all.

Here I am now though, pausing and curling up in this cubbyhole, with a cup of hot chocolate by my side.

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Late night musings: As people change us

It is true – people change us, one way or another. In a sense, we consist of all the people we encounter throughout our lives though we may sometimes not notice it. From being this, we become that – that person whom we were not before. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are as an old adage goes. I did not believe my mom on this one before when I was much younger and stubborn (I now have either become less or more). Later on, I realized more and more that what she was saying is true. The people we choose as our friends or people we choose to be with define us. Perhaps we may like them because they are like us in a way. Or perhaps we like them because we want to be like them. Then again, perhaps we like them without thinking about the first two mentioned above and like them simply for the good company they bring. Continue reading “Late night musings: As people change us”