In Saphira: Violet Day, Pavo’s Story


He first saw her one Orange day, the day where people of the Coral planet shine their brightest. He was at the library rooftop, waiting for Vala to set. It was his favorite place, his private spot for thinking, reading, and getting away from life. He always preferred it over the rest of the floors. He would only go down to get books and immediately head back. No one else went there anyway, except for the janitor, a Coraldean with yellow eyes, who allowed him to stay there despite it being an off limits area. The sky had already turned in all shades of purple, pink, and orange and he stares at it in awe when he turns around at the sound of the door suddenly opening. He sees her and her tear-streaked face. Since it is an Orange day, her face looked golden and even her tears looked beautiful as they fell from two golden orbs that were her eyes, like stars falling from the sky. He continues to look at her wanting to speak but she appeared embarrassed so she immediately opens the door from which she entered and closes it abruptly. He stares at the door wondering if a girl really did enter it. Moments later, he runs and opens it, heading down all the way outside to the library steps. All he saw were students walking about, minding their own businesses. Continue reading “In Saphira: Violet Day, Pavo’s Story”


In Saphira: Violet Day, Numi’s Story

Indeed, it is true that love is universal as it is present across space, through stars, and even in galaxies far far away. 


She first saw him that one fine Blue day, the day of the week when people from Cerulean are most beautiful. They both studied in the same university located at Lumos, the moon shared by the two planets. She was just wandering aimlessly along the shelves, ready to be surprised at whatever book she decides to pick. She reaches for a small blue book and sees a larger gap on the other side where another book had been taken. She peers at the small space from her shelf and sees a boy. She peers at him and since it’s a Blue day, he looks more amazing – especially his eyes, bright and blue, that was currently scanning the pages of the thick black book he was holding. Suddenly, she sees him look up and smile at her before she could look away. She could only return that smile with a smaller one. She watches him close the book and her eyes follow his form till he could be seen no more. She stands idly for a minute or two and then runs quietly as she could to look for him. Only a few people were around and none of them was the one she was looking for. She didn’t even notice that she dropped the book she was holding beforehand nor noticed that she did not bother to check its title at all. Continue reading “In Saphira: Violet Day, Numi’s Story”

In Saphira: A work of fiction

In Saphira

Saphira – a galaxy 4000 light years away from the Milky Way where life blossoms not in one but in both of its planets, Coral and Cerulean. These two revolve around one large star called Vala, their sun and share one moon, Lumos, which revolves around them in a motion that resembles the symbol for infinity. Their days vary in seven exquisite colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 

Long ago, both planets existed only on their own, not daring contact with one another. They were afraid of what the other could contain as the unknown has always feared many creatures, even those from our own Earth. One day however, a young adventure-seeking family of Coraldeans went to Lumos to see what it may contain. They were surprised that they were not the first to set foot on the place as they came face to face with some Ceruleanide explorers. Friendship came easily.  From then on, cordial relations had been established and Lumos became the middle ground for both planets. Schools, parks, businesses, and even homes were built to increase contact between the people. Continue reading “In Saphira: A work of fiction”

Paper Stories

In our Com14 class many semesters ago, we had to draw something on 50 sheets of paper. We were to treat those papers like our own talking mirrors telling us what drawing it wants. There was a time limit so it was quite stressful trying to finish the empty papers. Finally, we were then asked to choose around six to ten significant drawings for us to keep while the rest was placed in a pile at the back of the room. I had 12 drawings though but the professor was okay with it saying the maximum would be 15. He then told us to create a story for the pictures we have and that we may get the work of others from the pile of “rejects” because what could be useless for one could actually be useful for another.

Content with my pictures, I formulated the story with whatever comes to mind at the moment.

It’s amazing how the power of imagination comes into play and actually turns unconnected things to something cohesive which is why I would like to share my story. Continue reading “Paper Stories”