Red: Taylor Swift on Love and Heartbreak

After my Maroon 5 all-time high, I was really overjoyed to find out that Taylor Swift will be releasing her fourth album soon. I have always been a loyal follower of that amazing girl even while she was still not that famous in our country. It was my friend who made me listen to her Teardrops in my Guitar back when I was in third year high school (I’m in my final year in college now!)  and I couldn’t stop myself from singing it over and over again. From then on, I searched for the rest of her songs (even those which were unpublished) and has remained a fan ever since.

Perhaps it was about her raw honesty that really got me – the way she said what was in her heart every time a new song or album comes out. Upon hearing Taylor Swift’s Red, I saw how she evolved and expanded her horizons in it. She has matured and though she remains a country princess, she was fearless to step out of the box to try other various elements to add to her music. Since it was not until the first week of November that her album reached the country, I had to content myself with listening to her songs on the Internet. Now, however, her music has been constantly on loop on my playlist for the past weeks.


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Overexposed: Maroon 5 Bares It All

Truth be told, ever since I got hold of Maroon 5’s latest album, Overexposed, I couldn’t stop playing it on loop. I had always been a fan of the band, especially of Adam Levine’s sexy voice, with Sunday Morning, She Will be Loved, and Misery as part of my playlist-of-songs-which-I-never-get-tired-of-listening-to-over-and-over-again. 

This album, however, actually did it for me. Officially addicted, I think I’m on a Maroon 5 all-time high. It’s crazy because it’s not just one or two songs which I liked but all of them. As in all of them.

They’re actually on loop as I write this. Forgive me though, for I am no expert in music reviews. Mostly, I usually look into the lyrics and a bit on the sound and feel of the song. I only write with what I know and what I know is that their songs are so awesome.

Edited the title Maroon 5: Overexposed on the photo

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