Tavi and Rookie

This entire time of using the computer was meant for checking my email and browsing for jobs. Instead, I end up clicking on a link which led to another link which led to another and the rest is history!

It all began with Tavi Gevinson, a 17-year old girl, whom I met or at least discovered here in this virtual world called the Internet after clicking on a couple of related links. I saw a picture of her at 11 years old and apparently, that was the age she began her fashion blog, Style Rookie, back in 2008. Invitations to New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Pop magazine-funded trips to Japan and Antwerp, published works for Harper’s Bazaar and Barneys.com, styling and modeling stints, and acting roles, among many others, followed within a span of five years. At 15, she founded Rookie, an online magazine dedicated to teenage girls which features articles submitted by various contributors (including you, if you want to) about a wide range of subject matter such as fashion, pop culture, and feminism, among others. (Yes, I did my research after seeing her picture.)

They said her birthday was last April 21. Hence, she just recently turned 17. So, Happy Birthday Tavi!

Tavi Gevinson

(c) Style Rookie 2008-2013:  Screenshot of Tavi Gevinson’s Blog

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Android Desserts

This post is quite random and takes on a brighter note despite the fact that whatever pushed me to write about this was also caused by something emotionally and physically exhausting. My curious mind was sparked by yesterday’s Statistics exam. 

It was quite a stressful day being up and about by 5:30am (studying for my Statistics exam and prepping for school) and school beginning at 9am and ending at 8pm. Despite the test draining all of my energy, one of the problem questions stuck to my mind and that was one which included Google’s different Android versions and their names which my professor used as variables. I smiled as I read the names because I initially thought he made it all up and the names for me, were all very cute and funny. Continue reading “Android Desserts”