Little Wonders

The year bids good-bye and the new one has begun to unfold. Another year to make choices. Another year to make mistakes. Another year to grow and learn. Another year to make the most of.

Upon deep contemplation over the year, it became clear that my vision board for 2017 will be about Focus. A lot of things happened over the course of the year, truly enriching my life and person in so many levels. I stretched, bounded, and leaped, all which I believed led me to deciding that it’s now about going back to my center and from there, determine the next steps. We can be distracted by many things and lose sight of what is really important. It is vital that we do not let that happen.

Up in a mountain, I can see things far clearer, where everything is quiet and peaceful. I can hear the sound of the wind, the rustle of the trees, and the sound of my own breathing. With clarity, there is visibility on the answers and even on the right questions.


I shortly jotted down my goals with hope of achieving them, once again. Then as if retrieving it from memory, this beautiful song popped in my head. When I first heard it, I felt its lyrics music tugging at my heartstrings the way the movie that featured it also did. Meet the Robinsons became a favorite, with Lewis (and even Goob’s) story (-ies), and the iconic reminder to keep moving forward, regardless.


I knew I needed to hear it again, timely as it is, for me to know why I chose focus as my theme. It is time to go back to the things that truly matter, to the simple, and not to look everywhere – but instead, keep moving forward, looking on ahead.


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