The Year in Retrospect: 3 of 3

The Year in Retrospect continues, the conclusion.

Be more active in social media:
Some of my friends jokingly call me a #cavewoman for not being present in social media most of the time. Plans are made on our social groups and I am out of the loop, not really minding it, until somebody tells me about it and checking if I can make it. I also miss out on a lot of tagged posts and approve friend requests usually a month or two later. I know it’s a very digital world and I do not disregard that it has its perks, from easier communication to faster access to a lot of things, but I still enjoy living in the real world and talking to people in real life. To give it a try though, I started becoming more active in social media, posting in my accounts and being up-to-date with people’s posts. I had a phase like that too when I was much younger, where I also played a lot of online games (like Pet Society and Café City), but I realized it took a lot of my time and not always in a good way. Now after I tried, for a year and successfully at that, I again realize that I still prefer living off the grid and opting for the less public sites that I have like this blog and IG. For me, there is still JOMO rather than FOMO, on the most part. With this, I think I will go back to my norm of not being as present online and that’s all right.

Timeline: [Almost] Daily (yup! #effort)

This is life in color. #carbon #element #sciencecomesalive #happy

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Instagram at least twice a month:
I never expected I would find it fun to express myself in Instagram. I had the account open for a few years but never really started becoming active until this year. I enjoy taking photographs and writing a story – whether with a one-sentence caption or a longer one. It became a place for my expression, a mini-blog and was able to post more often than I expected. From food to travel, from art to nature, from the personal to the things I find interesting, I find IG a nicer avenue to share my adventures, thoughts and what-nots as it’s less crowded (for me) versus other social media sites. I also find it lovely that I can also be inspired by others, strangers even, with their own adventures and creativity. It’s been inspiring and I also just hope to inspire others, even in a little way, with my own expression and art through my photos and stories.

Timeline: Weekly (or even daily when there is the need to express)

Blog at least once a month:
In the same post I made months ago, I did mention that writing here at least once a month is a part of this list. I was able to post on most months only missing out on January, May, and July in which I made up during some other months by posting twice instead of once. It wasn’t always easy but like anything, I knew I had to make time if I wanted to do or achieve something. At the end of this year, I will achieve my goal plus a few more as look back on the year, in retrospect. Admittedly, there are still more things I want to write about than I actually do. However, they are currently all tucked away in the confines of my journal and within orbs of memories in my brain. Nonetheless, it remains to be a pleasure for me to just express myself in various ways. Writing will always be one of them.

Timeline: Monthly (except January, May, July)

Continue growing and learning with new experiences:
As a girl who likes trying new things, this was really all about more firsts, more adventures, more memories, more experiences. I thought it was just me but I think it’s, how they say it, a millennial thing. Perhaps we all want to try things at various levels and I just happen to like trying a lot more than most – from exotic food to new restaurants, from venturing from the sea to the summit, from joining clubs to engaging in social media in new ways. This even includes quick excursions around the city or its outskirts to immerse myself in art and culture such as in Pinto Art Museum and the National Museum of the Filipino People. All my other goals were connected to this last thing in my list and each achievement adds to the realization of this growth. Whether it’s exceeding, exploring, or enriching, I would say I did achieve this with a great big resounding yes.

Timeline: Daily


Looking at my list and seeing everything that I have achieved throughout the year brings a smile to my lips. I know I have not ticked all but I also know that I have done my best, and that matters. I didn’t give up and it has built my character. True enough, I know I would not be able to accomplish all these without Him from above, who has been with me all the way. I have gone through many things, far more than I will write in here. They were a mix of both the good and bad, happy and trying, great and painful – teaching me and humbling me and in the process, I have indeed, become more.

The new year awaits.



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