Breaking the ice

“Who are you?”

Kai asked.

For those wondering who Kai is, who among you has watched the movie Kung Fu Panda 3? If you recall, he is the villain whom Po battles with.

Our Kung Fu Panda Po answers, “I’ve been asking myself the same question… Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A student? A teacher?”

When I heard those lines, I was struck because like Po, I am also… a panda.

Kidding aside, like Po, I too ask myself the same question. Who am I? I believe we all ask ourselves this question, have asked it, and may continuously do so.

As a lot of words and thoughts and rushed into me, I finally settled with three words that I thought would tell a lot about who Mai is a person – Mai is a daydreamer, learner, and lover.

When I say daydreamer, I do not mean in its most literal sense, though I am a daydreamer. I like to drift off into a nice reverie now and then of what I want to eat later for dinner or where I want to be instead of being here right now. Daydreamer because of my imaginative and creative mind that I think started when I was a kid. I used to play by myself and have a pretend restaurant where I pretended to be the head chef with pretend customers. Later on, when I learned to read, I started with storybooks to novels which was another way for me to exercise that creativity because it inspires me to think of not only about the stories themselves but also of stories I could tell myself. This translated into writing where I began writing short stories as kid. This continued as I joined our school paper back in elementary and high school. Until now, I still write because I find it easier for me to express myself in written form.

I am also a learner because when I say learner, it is a person who is still learning something – be it a skill, knowledge, or even gaining wisdom. And I think that this really fits me because I am person who welcomes learning because I know this will allow me to grow. From my first job to now, I got a lot of experiences and got to try so many things that allowed me to expand and learn. Toastmasters, is another way for me continue that learning. As I mentioned, writing is the best way that I can express myself. I joined Toastmasters, because I also wanted to develop another skill this time around. And of course, learning does not stop in just gaining skills or knowledge but also throughout one’s life, through experiences. Whether it’s a heartbreak or a failure, these are just avenues for me to learn and grow as a person.

Lastly, I am lover. Being a lover is not only for those who has a significant other. This is because I always believed that love comes in different forms. As a Christian, I love my God. As a daughter, I love my parents. As a sister, I love my younger brother. As a friend, I love my friends and can be loyal to them. Finally, I am a lover of life. I always welcome experiences whether good or bad because there are still a lot of wonderful things around us that make life worth living and loving.

With this, who am I? Am I daydreamer? A reader? A writer? Am I learner? A student of life? Am I lover? A daughter? A sister? A friend?

Like Po, my answer is the same, “I am all of those things.”

I am Mai.



With this, I finally got to do my first speech in our club — indeed, another first for me. 


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