I have been de-cluttering the past weeks, whenever I could, as there were changes around the house brought about by minor home renovations. We had to move stuff here and there and I had to let go of things as I feel like I have so much. One of tasks was to review the books I were to keep and those I were to donate. I had done this a year ago, cutting my collection immensely but here I go again, trimming the number of books I owned. Mind you, this was not easy for me as I am a bookworm and I have always dreamed of having a library of my own. However, some things happen in life that made me realize that holding on to material things too tightly isn’t right. Hence despite the difficulty, let go, I did – little by little.

In the process of paring down, I had to pick those I really liked and one of those would be my collection of Sammy Keyes mysteries. I was debating if I were to still keep it so I decided to read them again to be reminded of why I loved this modern-day Nancy Drew. I guess apart from her witty ways, her life story was also something that at one point becomes relatable for her readers. From being left by her dad and then her mom later on to being cared for by her grandma, from being a simple girl trying to survive high school to being hated by a bully, from being a normal teen going through phases of her adolescence to being someone brilliant but with eccentric ways that not everybody will appreciate, she is that person whom we can understand especially when we see her life from her point of view.

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