Captain America, Decisions, and Reasons

A notable long weekend it is for me, Saturday being free comic book day and a day out with my mom and aunt, a prequel to Mother’s Day, Sunday stay-in having my grandma also arriving for a simple celebration of the special day as a family, and finally today, Monday the election day also dubbed as #PiliPinas, when translated to English is a pun for “Choose, Philippines”, referring to the country as an entity that needs to make a choice.

Free Comic Book Day (2)

I must say that before the actual elections, the movie, Captain America: Civil War or otherwise hailed to be Avengers 3 or 3.1, came out. Before seeing the film, I have been hearing the question “Are you Team Captain America or Team Ironman?” being asked in social media and by my brother to me. Initially, I had an answer based solely on the superhero I liked better but upon watching the movie, I finally understood why the question was raised. It was not merely a question on who had better muscles (biceps and triceps in this particular case) or who was seen to be the cooler guy (for being a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist). It was a question on whose stand do you side on? I was for Team Ironman, thinking that limits are put in place for a reason and that it is important to work within the bounds of what is allowed, whether legally or morally. After the entire movie though, I also understood Captain’s point of view. It also made me think that my answer may be the former but what will I do when I am placed in a real-life circumstance that will make me choose?

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