To You, who cares for my heart

What is supposedly the last day of the month, is now, the second to the last — at least for this year and every four years before and after. February is deemed to be the love month, though I think everyone will agree when no month should be designated for love as it should be celebrated daily in all its different forms, shapes, and sizes. Nonetheless, befitting the month’s theme is a poem I wrote earlier, for the One who has loved me first and never left. 

 To You who cares for my heart 022816

To Him, who cares for my heart, this is for You. Thank You for taking care of my heart, all this time. For loving me in spite of myself. It is Your love that forever remains the same and it is this same love that leaves me awestruck each and every time I try to fathom it, for I cannot in its wholeness. Truly, I cannot. 

I can only be grateful and hope that I may love You and others in Your love. 

Thank You, again, for taking of my heart and for never letting me go. 





The Year of Becoming: Exceed. Explore. Enrich.

As a prelude to the new year, I went to the salon and had my hair cut super short for the first time, in so many years. I found a picture of me way back in prep school with short hair and marveled at how I didn’t care whether my hair was short or long. I was simply no mind about it.

Mai ESS Prep Short Hair-edit

The next time I had it as short was during my sixth grade and it was still my mom’s idea. After that, I kept my hair long and even if I cut it, the shortest was a bob with a length below my ears.

Mid-year 2015, I realized I wanted to try something new. But it was only the end of last year that I finally pushed through with my plan. It was a prelude to a hopeful 2016 and in a way, I felt super amazing that I was able to do it. I made up my mind not to care whether other people would like it or not because I was happy. Short hair, I realized, can be very empowering. Even more, when you decide to go for it yourself.

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