While on the plane

While on a plane


What if the person you will end up with had the same flight as you on a specific day but you just don’t know it? He could be the teenage guy going for a vacay after his semester ended. And you were that high school girl still at the most awkward stages of puberty. And then, forward years later and you finally meet. But you have shared a plane years back but not know it.

The clouds are so puffy and cute. Pros of flying in the morning. So lovely, as always.

Is flying an airplane heavy, like driving a bus? Or heavier?

While others are busy with their phones and tablets, here I am looking outside, enjoying the trip, and making notes like these.

We’re 35,000 feet up in the air as per Mr. Pilot. The descent’s going to be bumpy, he says.

For a girl who’s supposed to go on an adventure, what I feel now is sleepy. Haha!

Up in the sky, you’ll see what man has done and how much.

And I see a white boat speeding in the middle of the sea. And another, this time a ship.

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