The things that [should] only happen in movies

You are singing and then suddenly, out it comes – not lyrics, but vomit. Pitch Perfect. You are all dressed up, looking cool and feeling cool as you walk the hallways of your school with your new frenemies and then you fall into a trash bin, head first. Mean Girls. Just some scenes you would never want to find yourself in. And then it happens – for real. What would you do then?

 Mean Girls Trash Bin

Coz it happened to me and I cannot believe that it did. But it did anyway. After all, it didn’t need my permission to happen.

I was accompanying my grandma to a party of her friend. With that, it can already be surmised that I do not know anyone and I was really there for my grandma. Things were okay at the beginning. She was chatting with her elderly friends and I was sitting quietly, tweeting. Then dinner came. After getting my food, I returned to our table and was about to sit. Suddenly… red iced tea hit my head and soaked me all the way up until my butt. And I just stood there. Glasses broke. There was a puddle on the floor. Some people went to me and started wiping the red iced tea off my arms.

It’s true that when these kinds of things happen, they happen so fast. And I wasn’t just watching it in a movie. I was the unlucky star of the show. On the brighter side, nobody really knew me there. Haha!

We did go home shortly after that since I was already shivering and I needed to take a warm shower. Later on, as I was sharing the story to my mom, she did ask me what I would do if it happened to me during one of our events at work. It would still be embarrassing, no matter where or who I am with but I will live through it. And probably tell this story later on, laughing at myself. 

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