One Year

Don’t worry. Before you know it, a year has passed. That’s how fast time flies.

This was what my former colleagues used to tell me often. They were the ones who arrived first, almost a year earlier than me. I did not believe it at first. When I began working, I really was not aware of what was in store for me. I had two weeks of turnover with the person who I will be replacing. She taught me the best she can but everything was still a little vague for me. Then she left. And I got hit. Real hard. I was lost and unsure, something I haven’t really experienced when I was still studying. And the days then, were fast yet filled with so much impact. So this is the real world.

One month passed. And another. I started getting the hang of things. And before I knew it, I was halfway through the year. The days really did fly by. Finally, it had already been a year and I simply smiled as I recalled the entire journey I had been through. It was like graduation all over again. Nostalgic and happy all at the same time. For my one year marks the end of my commitment. It was time to go.

I could stay too as I had a choice. But I chose to go because I felt that it was time. Perhaps not everybody will understand why but I felt that I had to. So I did.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for the entire experience, from the pleasant to the unpleasant, for I was able to both learn through the work I was doing and grow as a person. I was able to meet different kinds of people who taught me different things, though they may not know it. I had mentors whom I have come to value, the ones whose leadership characteristics I hope to emulate. I made friends with whom I bonded with as we went through the same things together.

I hope that I will always remember this very first job of mine, to remind me – that to be in the real world is not that easy; that each and every role is valuable, no matter how small or big it is and that goes to say that even our office helper is significant in our department; that each and every person is different; that enjoying what you do is vital; that integrity is truly important; that work is a blessing; that everything is not always as it seems; and that life is and remains to be a lifelong lesson in humility.

A big shout-out of thanks to Him above, the One and Only!

Upon my own turnover, I told them the exact same thing I was told a year ago. Don’t worry. Before you know it, a year has passed. That’s how fast time flies. 

Post Reflections

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