The Hunt for Mint Green

There are days when I do retail therapy but there are days when my goal for the day is to really just shop.

 Me in pastel colors :)

I absolutely adore mint green these days. There’s just something about the color that gives me a light, free, and pleasant vibe. It speaks of youth and springtime and flowers. I know that the color itself has become popular as the Spring Collection of designers featured pastel hues and mass-produced clothes followed suit. I see the influence everywhere, whether in clothing shops, department stores, or even bazaars. It’s only just a month ago when I realized that I might have caught the mint green fever.

It all started one day while I was at a mall and I was browsing through shoes and sandals, with no particular plan to buy anything. That was when I saw Grendha’s newest collection and one of the jelly gladiators was in the color of mint green. I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it because I thought it was too expensive. The next weekend, another mall decided to have a weekend sale and it included the gladiators I wanted! Of course I bought it then, with a 10% discount on their latest design, I think it was a good deal already.

 What I like about these jelly sandals is that they are very durable even on rainy days. Apart from that, the design reminded me of Egyptian women of long ago. I now wear them usually during casual Fridays in the office and on weekends.

Mint Green Grendha Jelly Gladiators

Then I looked at my current wardrobe and noticed that I most of my pants, slacks, or skirts were blue, brown, black, or gray. I wanted something lighter for a change and I had white pants but it’s too difficult to wear them especially with the rainy weather these days. I had decided I wanted mint green jeans – almost as light as white but not quite. The hunt for mint green was on.

 Interestingly, even if I wanted mint green, I would not settle for just any kind. There is a particular shade which I like and if it wasn’t that, I would not buy it. So I went to different malls and checked different stores, trying out different mint green jeans. And it was difficult to find one! Obviously, that would be the case since I am so picky with the shade and the quality of the jeans.

One particular Saturday, my mom, aunt, and I went on an adventure in Divisoria. Now for those who are unfamiliar with this place, it’s a humongous shopping place where you can find almost anything you want and need at a low cost. It is not easy to go there so we rarely do. That’s why when we do, we make sure that we have a big budget to spend for the entire day. We ate at a Chinese noodle place which served freshly made noodles with legit Oriental flavors. My mom and aunt were quite happy especially since they have been craving noodles for a while now. 


After eating, we spent the entire day walking and browsing through shops. And since I stay at a stall longer than they do, I was usually on my own – trying out dresses, blouses, and looking for my mint green jeans. I was able to find the shade I wanted in some shops but the sizes were too big for me. Later in the afternoon, we were together again for coffee and that was when my aunt told that she saw lots of green jeans. They weren’t mint green though when I checked and she was shaking her head, wondering if something was wrong with me. There was also a particular dress which she claimed was mint green so I agreed to check it out. We returned to the stall, after many twists and turns, and I discovered that it was not mint green but apple green! My aunt was annoyed telling me that I’m completely mental. “What’s the difference between mint green and apple green? It’s both green,” she said.

Imitating Hermione’s voice when she was saying It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSAr, my aunt teased me while saying “It’s Apple green, not Mint green!” And I just laughed. It was indeed funny on how fixed I was on the mint green thing. Still, the dress was apple green and not mint green. Hahahaha.

I ended up buying lots of stuff except for what I intended.

 Divisoria Shopping Haul :)

The following weekend, the three of us were out again to eat pizza and pasta. We were all going to meet up at around 7pm so I had a few hours to look at different shops. I literally checked every store, both local and international and I thought that I had to give up my search that is until the next weekend when I decided to step inside one last shop. Lo and behold, my mint green jeans at 50% off!

I was smiling all the way when I went to meet up with my mom and aunt. They finally understood what I meant by mint green.

Mint Green Jeans -- finally

Mission accomplished.

Now I think I’m off to my next mission – more mint green, please. 

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