Four months in

Four months and it already feels like a long time since I started working. I have given it much thought and   realized that I could either go on trudging day by day or I could simply enjoy everything as they come along – one step at a time. There are other things, better things that I should look at rather than focus on the negative parts. Life is composed of both good and bad and so does work. I have my unpleasant days – days when I just have to rush everything, days when some people are not nice, and days when I my projects list shoot up and I am told that they are all urgent. Yet I also have my calm days – days when everything seems to be steady and I got the groove, days when I learn from my bosses and the office is filled with more laughter than usual, and days when I seem to be smiling despite everything. The good days keep me going while the bad days keep me learning.

 Whatever the day though, I believe it is always still wonderful to say Thank You, to Him who has willed for me to be where I am now. 

Half empty or half full?

What does your cup look like? 

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