This Rain

Rainy Paper Boats

I woke up to my alarm clock this morning at around 6 am, cut off from my dream but wanting to go back to it. The sky was dark outside and the rain was continuously pouring, the same way I had last seen it before I closed my eyes. Though I knew I was not a student anymore, I kept hoping that work would also get suspended. Leaving my house in such weather was not ideal. I knew that there was a possibility of being stranded somewhere and going back home would not be easy.

At around a quarter before 7, I got a message from my big boss, indicating the HR advisory that we could use our emergency leave if we have to do so. I was a little relieved at that but I knew that work was still not suspended. So I continued prepping for work – taking my bath and drinking my tea. I was texting friends and co-workers, asking if they were going to go to work today. Most of them were not while one was already in our office. She drove her car quite early because her plate number was coding today.

As for me, I was still deciding – half worried for my safety, half worried for my work. My parents did not tell me what to do, allowing me to decide on my own. It was difficult. I knew safety was important but I was wondering if the weather might improve throughout the day and going to work was still possible. Ironically, I would usually be glad to have an extra day of no work yet there I was, still hesitating. All the work currently on my plate was perhaps the reason why I still wanted to leave our house – even in this storm.

I uttered a silent prayer, asking that I make the right decision and in the end, I decided against going. I sent a message to my big boss informing her that I would be taking that emergency leave today. She replied that it was alright. I had a feeling that most of my bosses did not go to work either.

I believe I made the right decision. The rain became a drizzle after lunch but soon returned to its rowdy state as I am writing this now. I would not have been able to go home if I still pressed on to work earlier today. I could be stuck in the office the entire day or stranded somewhere, all stressed and sweaty. I know because I had been there, done that. I experienced being outside before when such storms hit our country. Institutions were not so lenient with their declarations on suspension of classes back then. Perhaps all the storms we had to face these recent years taught them a lesson that safety is vital and preparation is key. I also think that companies should also start considering. Adults are not super humans nor waterproof, you know. They are simply people who are not called students anymore.

And even if the weather was not too good today, my day was generally a day of extra rest – something which I am particularly thankful for. I even got to write in this blog, after all this time (and all because I had been too busy with work).  So much to be thankful for while at the same time, so much to pray for – especially those who have not fared as well today. May they be safe. 

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