Two months and three pay checks later


Two months – almost, give or take few days, since I began working.

School was supposed to prepare me for the real world. Now that I’m here – I realized that I was not prepared at all.

Realizing that this is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. This is even scarier than theme parks and extreme sports.

Tears. Fears.

CHANGE – big word.

Survival – is the game.

Learning curve.

That we are never enough for people. But for God, we are enough even if we are so lacking in comparison to His infinite self.

That family will always be there for you, through and through. And God even more so.

Prayers. Lots and lots of prayers. And calling on Your name. And pursuing You day by day.

Hiding in the toilet – to breathe.

Grace under pressure – that is God’s grace.

Appreciation – of every person who works because I now know how difficult it is to work.

Who’s the boss? Man. Who is the boss? God.

“It is not outward persons, matters, or things but Christ within who enables us to be calm and free of worries as we face all kinds of situations.” – Witness Lee, Jubilee

That even if I do not know, thank You.

Stuck in the office or – stuck in the rain.

Late nights and early mornings.

Weekends become so precious.

Waking up with a start and thinking I am late for work. 10 seconds later, I realized that it is Saturday.

Waking up before my alarm clock buzzes. First thoughts – to sleep more. Second thoughts – all the things I have to do for the day. I could not sleep anymore.

A Saturday in the office, to work overtime, is actually nice especially with the background music.

Bringing a minion to the office. Then the boss sees it and calls it cute.

Watching a movie on my own, just because.

Treating my family to a lovely lunch out for Father’s Day using my first official pay check.


Giving. Sharing. Blessings.

Contentment. Simplicity.

Being creative.

Growing up.


It’s YOU and ME.

It's YOU and ME.

And that life is [indeed] a long lesson in humility. 


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