Job Hunting and Dating

After my March graduation, I officially began looking for a job by April. By the third week of week of May, I signed a contract and started working for a company. During that entire time of applying and being interviewed, I realized that job hunting is actually like dating.


The Resumé

The resumé is the self which you present to the market, companies which you are interested in. You show them your assets to catch their interest. Similarly, we present ourselves to people through our features – our personality, our looks, and the like.

The Call

If your resumé catches the attention of the company, they will give you a call and set you up for an interview. A person who also finds us attractive will ask out on a date.

The Interview/s

Your interviewer gets the chance to know you a little better through this short span of time that you have together. He will ask you questions and you will answer each one of them to the best of your abilities, hoping to impress him. You shake hands at the end, not knowing if he will call you again. When you do get another call, you get to have another chance of showing the person who you are, hoping that this second interview will not be the end. However, if you do not get that second call, you know that your interviewer did not find you fit for the job that is to be filled out. In dating, we meet people whom we meet more than once because we find that spending time with them is engaging and that it would be great to get to know them more. On the other hand, we also meet people whose interests and personality might not really fit with ours and so the relationship is pursued no longer.

The Offer

One week later after your third interview, you get a call filled with glad tidings. The company believes that you are fit for the job and has hired you. You go the next day and an offer is given to you. To accept it or not is still your final choice. If you like the company and its offer as much as it likes you then you accept. If not, you continue searching and applying to other places. After a series of dates, you and the other person may opt to take it to the next level even if you do not know each other as well as you would like to.

The Job

You accept the offer and sign the contract. You begin work immediately even if you are not so sure of what you just got yourself into. It will take some time before you get to truly adjust to the changes of having a job, especially if it is your first time to have one. Just like that, a job is like a beginning… of a relationship.

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