Tavi and Rookie

This entire time of using the computer was meant for checking my email and browsing for jobs. Instead, I end up clicking on a link which led to another link which led to another and the rest is history!

It all began with Tavi Gevinson, a 17-year old girl, whom I met or at least discovered here in this virtual world called the Internet after clicking on a couple of related links. I saw a picture of her at 11 years old and apparently, that was the age she began her fashion blog, Style Rookie, back in 2008. Invitations to New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Pop magazine-funded trips to Japan and Antwerp, published works for Harper’s Bazaar and Barneys.com, styling and modeling stints, and acting roles, among many others, followed within a span of five years. At 15, she founded Rookie, an online magazine dedicated to teenage girls which features articles submitted by various contributors (including you, if you want to) about a wide range of subject matter such as fashion, pop culture, and feminism, among others. (Yes, I did my research after seeing her picture.)

They said her birthday was last April 21. Hence, she just recently turned 17. So, Happy Birthday Tavi!

Tavi Gevinson

(c) Style Rookie 2008-2013:  Screenshot of Tavi Gevinson’s Blog

I then checked her blog and looked at her archives from 2008, moving my way up to the present. At 11, she looked absolutely adorable while she took photos of herself wearing various outfits using a low-quality camera at that time. I must say though that her readers were very supportive of her and her blog, pixelated photos and all. She also featured designers and their works and her thoughts about fashion and various other things. I admit, I never got around to finishing it because she has around 150+ posts every year from 2008-2010 which declined to 71 posts in 2011, 17 in 2012, and 1 for this year.

Her one and only post for 2013 however, was written beautifully, I think. Five years from where she began, she has already gone quite far and I believe she has a long long way to go.

Rookie(c) 2013 Rookie: Screenshot of Rookie Magazine

I also checked her Rookie magazine which gave off an indie vintage-y vibe for me, which I liked very much. It has a theme every month wherein the articles posted will revolve around it. I also saw a familiar name of a contributor, Marla Miniano, who submitted a poem titled Divorce is a Dirty Word for the Someday Our Youth Will Be Behind Us reader poetry collection of Rookie. I am not sure though, if it is the same person who writes and works for Candy Magazine (my favorite teen mag since I was 10) here in my country, but they have the exact same name.

Curious, I checked out the staff working for this lovely independent online magazine and apart from Tavi, Kaila Ocampo’s name caught my eye because it sounded Filipino and her thumbnail was a purikura which reminded me of a close friend who just loves Japan, animé, and all things kawaii. I checked Kaila’s blog, Rainbowholic, and saw that it was overwhelming with cuteness (still reminding me of my friend who by the way is also in Japan now.) One of her recent posts say that she is one of the five Kawaii Leaders of the World. Cool! Congratulations, Kaila!

Kaila Ocampo
(c) 2013 Rookie: Screenshot of Rookie Staff, Kaila Ocampo

Then there’s Gaby Noone, a 19-year old college student whose thumbnail reminded me of Zooey Deschanel. Both the actress and this girl gave me an old-school vibe which I liked so I went to check her latest blog, Twelve O’Clocke. And as a reply to her September 2011 (way way back) post titled DIY FOR DUMMIES: denim vest: I do not borrow or steal from my mom’s closet coz she has given me some of her old stuff which I absolutely love now. I have even updated some such as a lavender stripe skirt which I shortened to make it look more modern and match my petite height. You might be busy now because college is like that. It sucks a lot of your time but it doesn’t suck. Haha.

Gaby Noone
(c) 2013 Rookie: Screenshot of Rookie Staff, Gabby Noone

And that is how I ended up writing all about it now, completely taking my time from job hunting online.

Ah. The life of a college graduate.

PS. Please do check out their blogs too as well as Rookie. Enjoy!

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