Pause, Rewind, Replay: The Finale

March 23, Saturday: Graduation

Graduation CollageAside from the Lord, here is my family, whom I am glad to have celebrated this day with for they are the people who have been with me, every step of the way. :’)

Graduation — I never thought this day would arrive this soon. But it did and it has passed. Truth is, I considered this day to begin only when I started preparing for the event. I wore my dress, had my mom and I put on my make-up, and go to school. It was late afternoon when we arrived, with enough time to have graduation photos taken. After a while, all of the students were asked to go to the assembly area while parents and other guests were asked to proceed to their respective seats.

Waiting — a lot of this was done this day. We had to wait at the assembly area, all hot and sweaty in just a couple of minutes because we were wearing our togas over our dresses and long-sleeves and slacks. We had to wait for each speaker to finish what he or she has to say. We had to wait for our turn to stand up and be called on-stage. We had to wait for our turn to bow, go down, approach our parents, and go back to our seats. We had to wait for every name to be called before the ceremony could be deemed as over.

Difficult as it may be, I guess waiting is good. After a long wait, what has been obtained is even more appreciated. When things are not hurried but are waited upon, they always seem to come at the right place and at the right time. They come because they are already meant to come and if we have patiently waited, then what has come is perhaps what is really meant to come to us.

Like this moment, among many other things.

The waiting does not end here, however. For there are so much more things, both known and unknown, which we wait upon.

The long waiting of this event at least, ended just in time. For dinner. For me. For us. For them. For everything.

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