Tavi and Rookie

This entire time of using the computer was meant for checking my email and browsing for jobs. Instead, I end up clicking on a link which led to another link which led to another and the rest is history!

It all began with Tavi Gevinson, a 17-year old girl, whom I met or at least discovered here in this virtual world called the Internet after clicking on a couple of related links. I saw a picture of her at 11 years old and apparently, that was the age she began her fashion blog, Style Rookie, back in 2008. Invitations to New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Pop magazine-funded trips to Japan and Antwerp, published works for Harper’s Bazaar and Barneys.com, styling and modeling stints, and acting roles, among many others, followed within a span of five years. At 15, she founded Rookie, an online magazine dedicated to teenage girls which features articles submitted by various contributors (including you, if you want to) about a wide range of subject matter such as fashion, pop culture, and feminism, among others. (Yes, I did my research after seeing her picture.)

They said her birthday was last April 21. Hence, she just recently turned 17. So, Happy Birthday Tavi!

Tavi Gevinson

(c) Style Rookie 2008-2013:  Screenshot of Tavi Gevinson’s Blog

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Pause, Rewind, Replay: The Finale

March 23, Saturday: Graduation

Graduation CollageAside from the Lord, here is my family, whom I am glad to have celebrated this day with for they are the people who have been with me, every step of the way. :’)

Graduation — I never thought this day would arrive this soon. But it did and it has passed. Truth is, I considered this day to begin only when I started preparing for the event. I wore my dress, had my mom and I put on my make-up, and go to school. It was late afternoon when we arrived, with enough time to have graduation photos taken. After a while, all of the students were asked to go to the assembly area while parents and other guests were asked to proceed to their respective seats.

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The awkward turtle that learned to fly

First Day of Nursery School

Here I am, on my first day of school ever. My mom took this picture to commemorate this historic day of my life. Look at me though. I was not even smiling. I looked like an awkward turtle, quite unsure of what will happen inside that blue gate. I clutched my lunchbox with both hands as I looked at my mom. I was not scared but I was curious. She kissed me before I went inside and then she left.

I was just three years old at that time. Soon enough, I got to enjoy this place called school because I made new friends, learned new things, and played a lot. I even got the Most Helpful Award for always picking up the toys after playtime.

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Pause, Rewind, Replay

Flashback: (n) a past incident recurring vividly in the mind

Days before graduation.

March 2, Saturday: Pabaon

March 2: Pabaon (c) S. Buyco

Classes were already over and finals week was finished for us, graduating seniors. We still had to go to school though for our Pabaon, a senior’s send-off program where various speakers bade us their final wishes and hopes for us such as the legendary Fr. Dacanay and the awesome Dean Rudy Ang, among others. Videos of batchmates, teachers, and staff were shown, making me teary-eyed at some point. There were even post cards where we could write our thank yous to those who have made our college lives even more wonderful, be it a friend, a professor, or a non-teaching personnel. It was a sweet way of sending us off into the real world.

It was a two-week break after which were spent for rest, reflection, and visits to different malls around the metro, trying to find the dress for graduation. Throw in a bit of org work and Adobe Photoshop before my brother broke the LCD of the laptop I was currently using plus going to school on some days for a lunch date or errand, among others. Continue reading “Pause, Rewind, Replay”

The Final Stretch

It has been almost a month since my days as a student have officially come to an end. I never quite got around to writing about it because a lot has been happening and truth be told, I was not quite ready yet. Putting something into writing makes something even more real – similar to a photo which when taken, preserves the moment. Our brains have so much in them already that they need these little concrete things as keys to remembering even the most distant of memories. We may not remember everything that happened on that exact day, hour, minute, or second. However, fragments come back to us, telling us that all these things happened and that all these things are quite real, just past.

Now, I am ready – to write and to let go.

This way to college(c) T. Villareal