Before I Forget: A Photowalk

March 04, 2013 — One of my last days in the Ateneo spent on this photowalk, one of those things I listed down on my imaginary bucket list before I graduate. With simply a point-and shoot digital camera and noob photography skills, I went around on my own for a while. I find my university really beautiful and I have made a lot of amazing memories here. So I wanted to do this, before I forget.

College ChapelIn the College Chapel where I began after a short prayer of gratitude.

Quiet Zone

Zen GardenThat realization that I don’t actually have to be in Zen Garden to enjoy it. Just looking at it already relaxes me and staying at the Kostka Benches remains as one of my favorite quiet spot — especially early in the mornings.

MVP MVP LOVE The different sides of MVP. Haha! This place is where all the organizations’ headquarters are located. The roof deck can be used for various events.

A rock A rock which nobody seems to mind and which does not seem to mind anybody.

Old Rizal Lib The back entrance of the Old Rizal Library — ironically, I don’t have a photo of the new one.

Faura Benches The peaceful benches in between Dela Costa and Faura.

The Road Less Travelled A favorite path, the one behind the SOM building. SOM Forest

With the SOM Forest for a great view or maybe as a lichtung.

Lake A really green pond of which use I still do not know.

Autumn Leaves And fallen leaves, as if it’s autumn.

PIPAC PIPAC, a building where nobody is ever allowed to go in. Except of course, PIPAC employees. Ooh.

PLDT-CTC CTC The PLDT-CTC building, where I have spent not only my mornings and afternoons but also my evenings in classes.

Glass Windows The bridge, hidden by the glass windows, that connects the PLDT-CTC building to my home building. On a side note, these windows could be converted as solar panels so they could absorb energy.

A FountainJGSOM And of course, my home building, the John Gokongwei School of Management building or JGSOM for short. This is one of the few places in the university where the dress code applies. Be careful not be to be caught or else, you get fined!

JSEC JSEC — where students can hone their entrepreneurial skills by opening up their own food business. Tons of groups compete during the JSEC challenge but only around 15 of them  get a chance to actually set up their business for the school year.

Church of the Gesu Last stop! The Church of the Gesu — late afternoon yet it still looked glorious.

                   Flaming SteelWe stand on a hill between the earth and sky. Now all is still where Loyola’s colors fly. Our course is run and the setting sun ends Ateneo’s day. Eyes are dry at the last goodbye; this is the Ateneo way. – Song for Mary

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