On Graduation Dresses and Being a Woman

My day began with me opening my laptop and checking the Internet for ideas on what to wear for my college graduation. I was still lost as a duckling, without any clear idea of what dress fits the occasion. I was present during last year’s graduation as I volunteered to hand out the diplomas to the 2012 graduates. Underneath their academic regalias were party dresses — strappy, tube, or bare back, among others. I, on the other hand, did not mind if the dress only had small straps but I was still more inclined to having it look prim and proper, more Duchess Kate, more Queen Rania Al Abdullah, more classic.
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Before I Forget: A Photowalk

March 04, 2013 — One of my last days in the Ateneo spent on this photowalk, one of those things I listed down on my imaginary bucket list before I graduate. With simply a point-and shoot digital camera and noob photography skills, I went around on my own for a while. I find my university really beautiful and I have made a lot of amazing memories here. So I wanted to do this, before I forget.

College ChapelIn the College Chapel where I began after a short prayer of gratitude.

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