Little Miss Hopeful

On the eve of December 31, 2011, I was a thousand miles from home as I celebrated the countdown to the New Year in Taipei, Taiwan. A great fireworks display was to be held, courtesy of Taipei 101, the tallest building in their country. I was with friends, both Taiwanese and other foreign exchange students, and we shouted with glee as the countdown began. As the digital screen on Taipei101 reached 1, fireworks began shooting from its sides making everyone present that day really quiet. It was a moment of silence as everyone watched in awe. I was one of them. When it ended, couples began kissing and friends began hugging each other, taking pictures here and there. That was how my 2012 began.

The end of this year however, was spent somewhere closer, somewhere nearer to my heart for I am back home, to the place where it all began. True, last year’s was more exciting but there is something that could never replace the feeling of being with the people closest to your heart especially on the most special of days such as the beginning of 2013.

Much noise was made as we blew horns and shook our little piggy banks filled with coins. My brother and I jumped as it was the old belief that doing so during the start of the year would make a person grow taller. I jump every year but I am only 5 feet tall at 20 years old. I still jump anyway.



Hope is what drives people to continue forward, to keep living day to day, and to survive every year no matter the difficulties. And that’s what I am this year – Little Miss Hopeful. I hope for another year of blessings and experiences, growth and improvement, love and laughter, happiness. For despite all the foolishness I might have committed or unwanted and uncontrollable happenings in my life, my 2012 was a happy and blessed one much like my 2011 and the year before that and the year before… I know you get my point.

God always seems to remind me that my life is a gift and that the things that happen to me are wonderful blessings. For that alone, why should I complain about all the strife and misfortune that I encounter along the way? They are mere contrivances to make the good look better and to never take things for granted. And with all these blessings, I too, want to be a blessing to others. I hope that I may be.

There is still much that needs changing in me. As much as I have grown and matured throughout the past year, I know that I still have to improve on many points. This year will give me time to do just that. I hope.

With that, I remain Little Miss Hopeful (and excited) as I could ever be for what is to come. Cheers to 2013!

Little Miss Hopeful

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