In Saphira: Violet Day, Pavo’s Story


He first saw her one Orange day, the day where people of the Coral planet shine their brightest. He was at the library rooftop, waiting for Vala to set. It was his favorite place, his private spot for thinking, reading, and getting away from life. He always preferred it over the rest of the floors. He would only go down to get books and immediately head back. No one else went there anyway, except for the janitor, a Coraldean with yellow eyes, who allowed him to stay there despite it being an off limits area. The sky had already turned in all shades of purple, pink, and orange and he stares at it in awe when he turns around at the sound of the door suddenly opening. He sees her and her tear-streaked face. Since it is an Orange day, her face looked golden and even her tears looked beautiful as they fell from two golden orbs that were her eyes, like stars falling from the sky. He continues to look at her wanting to speak but she appeared embarrassed so she immediately opens the door from which she entered and closes it abruptly. He stares at the door wondering if a girl really did enter it. Moments later, he runs and opens it, heading down all the way outside to the library steps. All he saw were students walking about, minding their own businesses.

Numi was her name, a sophomore. He found that out from his friends belonging to her year. She was an intelligent Coral girl, not really popular or anything. He did not mind it though. All he could ever think about was how he should have hugged her in the rooftop, then and there.

He wants to know who she is and he wonders if he’ll ever meet her. 


Months later, he saw her again – in the library. He was looking for a book. He had a report to make. He walked along the shelves, searching and searching till he found it. He takes out a thick black book and leafs through it page by page. People always get a strange feeling when someone is looking at them and he looks up as he felt that strange sensation. He sees her even through that thin space she created after pulling out a book. He wonders if she remembers him. This time though, before she could run away and leave him again, he smiles. She smiles back and his heart leaps. He closes the book and tries to mask his feelings as he walks toward another shelf. A minute or so later, he hears a book drop and feet padding silently away. He comes out of his hiding place a, picks the book on the floor, and checks its title – The Probable Future. Without thinking twice, he sits on the floor and begins to read.

His real chance of meeting her came the day when he entered the second class of the professor he was working for and sees her. He wanted to talk to her instead of speak in front of the whole class. He wished he did not have to leave so he could be with her. He did not mind if he had to sit at the back, even if he hated that part of the room. Then his luck further improved when his professor told him to substitute for him one day. He went to the classroom as fast as he could, coming all the way from the library. He smiled as he entered searching for her face. He felt his heart race as she approached him after class. That was the first time they got to talk and he knew it would not be the last. To know her was not difficult as she told more about herself each time. He knew she wanted him to do the same. However, he wonders if she is real at all or just a figment of his imagination causing him to hold back. He did not want to get hurt again. It was too tiring, having his heart broken and left with scars. He wondered if she would ever be able to love him, someone who was a little messed up after having to pick up broken pieces of himself.

A day of utter contentment and peace, a Green day, when he realized he loved her. It did not matter if she did not because he does and that is what is important. He wanted to take care of her and try at least, not to be the cause of her tears. He wanted her to laugh always and her laugh to be for him. He wanted all these things and dreamed of it but he could never will himself to tell her. It was not even allowed.

He loved her and he was scared, terribly. 


It was almost the end of school days and he knew he did not want to pass the chance of telling her how he felt. He just did not know how. Indigo days inspire people to be more creative and it was an Indigo day when he decided to go to a bookstore to buy a certain book. It was a book he was certain she would enjoy reading. It was a story about people who lived on Earth and stories about such creatures from another galaxy are far more interesting.

The day after, he received a call from his best friend inviting him to drink out. It was early noon and his classes were already finished so he agreed. They headed out drinking till his friend was drunk and he knew he had to bring his best man home. Things became crazy when his friend suddenly grabs the wheel from him and he struggles to take control. They did not notice that they were nearing a curb and that there was a large tree which had witnessed many lives passing, telling its secrets to no one. The car suddenly crashes onto the tree and smoke came out from the car. Blood was splattered everywhere as he crawled out from the driver’s seat. He went to the passenger side to pull his best friend out, shouting his name.

They were both covered in blood as he hugged his best friend. He was crying and thinking how he should have never let him drink so much, his best friend who had just told him that they loved the same girl. He unintentionally hurt someone dear to him yet he was the one who survived. Then the sound of police cars can be heard from the distance as he fades away into unconsciousness.

At the back of the car was book left alone, The Probable Future. On its very first page were words written: The book the led me to see you again.

It was Violet day that day. 

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