In Saphira: Violet Day, Numi’s Story

Indeed, it is true that love is universal as it is present across space, through stars, and even in galaxies far far away. 


She first saw him that one fine Blue day, the day of the week when people from Cerulean are most beautiful. They both studied in the same university located at Lumos, the moon shared by the two planets. She was just wandering aimlessly along the shelves, ready to be surprised at whatever book she decides to pick. She reaches for a small blue book and sees a larger gap on the other side where another book had been taken. She peers at the small space from her shelf and sees a boy. She peers at him and since it’s a Blue day, he looks more amazing – especially his eyes, bright and blue, that was currently scanning the pages of the thick black book he was holding. Suddenly, she sees him look up and smile at her before she could look away. She could only return that smile with a smaller one. She watches him close the book and her eyes follow his form till he could be seen no more. She stands idly for a minute or two and then runs quietly as she could to look for him. Only a few people were around and none of them was the one she was looking for. She didn’t even notice that she dropped the book she was holding beforehand nor noticed that she did not bother to check its title at all.

Pavo, it was his name which she got after asking around. It was his final year in university and he was a professor’s assistant in a certain class, though she’s not sure which. That was all she knew about him and of course, being a Cerulean boy meant he was part of the richer race. For months, he remained a mystery and that’s what drew her to him. She could only observe him from afar when she chances upon seeing him walking around the school grounds with his books and netbook. She sees him once in a while in almost all places but one, the library. After the first time they saw each other there, she always comes back to the same spot but he was never there.

She wonders if she will ever meet him. 


It was a bright Yellow day when she finally met him, the day of the week where life surprises people with things – be it good or bad. It was in class, that certain class where he was an assistant to a professor. She looked at him all the way from the third row and she might be imagining it but he looked at her as well, as if he recalled seeing her before. It happened too quickly though, for her to be sure. She listened to him introduce himself and inform them how he will be present only during times when the professor will not and when exams are to be administered. After that, she watches him leave and she wishes her professor would be absent more often. She does not even mind if they have more tests just as long as she could see him.

Wishes are granted once in a while and a time came when her professor didn’t arrive at the usual time that he does. Five minutes later, the boy arrives smiling his wonderful smile and she wonders if that smile would ever be because of her. After class, she approaches him for it was after all, Red day, the day when people are extra brave especially when it concerns more important things – like love. She finally talks to him and she is happy that he amiably replies to her. From that day forward, she wanted to know more about him just so she would know that he is real and not just a part of her dreams. She realized later on that this might not be possible as she always notices him holding back. She would like a glimpse of his thoughts, his feelings, and his real self and when she believes that she is about to see them, he closes up again. He never completely opened up to her but she didn’t mind it that much though she admittedly hoped for more. In the end, what she knew was enough for her to love him.

Yes, she loved him and it terrified her. 


The school year was nearing its end and she knew she had to tell him. It was Violet day, the best day of the week to be honest as truth seems to reveal itself naturally no matter what people did. She would have to say those three words she had been bottling up inside of her for quite a while now. The day before, she had asked his best friend to tell him to meet her in the library steps after classes are finished. She was both nervous and excited. She was not quite sure what else to say or how she would feel once she sees his reaction. It did not matter if she was trying to break down walls. Being young, she must be allowed to do that even if it is just for once.

That day, she waited at the library steps. She waited till Vala had fully set and the stars have already come out. She waited till the air shifted to a cooler temperature and the school lamps have been lighted. She waited and waited. He never came.

She never thought tears would stream down her face again the way it did that day.

For this, she would never wait for him again.

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