In Saphira: A work of fiction

In Saphira

Saphira – a galaxy 4000 light years away from the Milky Way where life blossoms not in one but in both of its planets, Coral and Cerulean. These two revolve around one large star called Vala, their sun and share one moon, Lumos, which revolves around them in a motion that resembles the symbol for infinity. Their days vary in seven exquisite colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 

Long ago, both planets existed only on their own, not daring contact with one another. They were afraid of what the other could contain as the unknown has always feared many creatures, even those from our own Earth. One day however, a young adventure-seeking family of Coraldeans went to Lumos to see what it may contain. They were surprised that they were not the first to set foot on the place as they came face to face with some Ceruleanide explorers. Friendship came easily.  From then on, cordial relations had been established and Lumos became the middle ground for both planets. Schools, parks, businesses, and even homes were built to increase contact between the people.


Its inhabitants, the Coraldeans and Ceruleanides, share the same features such as the people in Earth except for the color of their eyes which would instantly determine from which planet they belong to. The people from Coral have eyes that may be shades of gold, yellow, coral, or pink while the people from Cerulean have eyes that may be shades green, turquoise, blue, or violet. Although perhaps in all other things, they are not so different as they experience the same things as humans do – be it laughter or pain, love or heartbreak, life or death.

It is here that many stories take place. 

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