Paper Stories

In our Com14 class many semesters ago, we had to draw something on 50 sheets of paper. We were to treat those papers like our own talking mirrors telling us what drawing it wants. There was a time limit so it was quite stressful trying to finish the empty papers. Finally, we were then asked to choose around six to ten significant drawings for us to keep while the rest was placed in a pile at the back of the room. I had 12 drawings though but the professor was okay with it saying the maximum would be 15. He then told us to create a story for the pictures we have and that we may get the work of others from the pile of “rejects” because what could be useless for one could actually be useful for another.

Content with my pictures, I formulated the story with whatever comes to mind at the moment.

It’s amazing how the power of imagination comes into play and actually turns unconnected things to something cohesive which is why I would like to share my story.


Once upon a time there was a young girl named Sophie who decided she wanted to go on a Junior Term Abroad.

She decided to go to Taiwan. While she was there, she always liked travelling to its different places.

One day while she was walking, something caught her eye.

It was just there on the street and no one seemed to be looking for it. It had a shape that resembled that of a leaf but only as big as a coin. She picked up and put it in her pocket and continued walking toward the subway station.

At the station, she rode a train to get to the park.

There, she saw a stone bridge and went there. She leaned at the railings and stared at her reflection on the flowing river. Suddenly, her ID dropped and as she tried to reach it, she fell!

News spread that a girl fell into the river and policemen came to search for her.

However, no body was found. Only her floating ID was retrieved.


It seemed like hours later when Sophie regained consciousness. She didn’t know where she was but she was underneath a large structure. She later realized that it was the Eiffel Tower!

Trying to understand how she got there, she noticed something on the pavement. It was a small compartment that seemed to take the shape of the thing she found earlier back in Taiwan. Using only her instincts, she placed the object on that space and the floor suddenly began moving.

Little did she know that she had already entered the world of witches and wizards. Soon enough, she learned how to use a wand and used it to defend innocent people from evil.

One day, there was a boy who looked really serious. He was infamous for his bullying. He was approaching her and on his hand was a lollipop.

It turned out that he wanted to challenge her to a fight and his wand was actually disguised as the lollipop he was holding.

So they fought and zapped with their wands – here, there, and everywhere.

Sophie won because of her skill and good heart. But what about the bully? Well, in the end, he turned out to look this after the fight and never bullied anyone ever again.


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