The End of Doing Nothing

These past weeks have been nothing but wonderful as I slowly got to regain my chi back after that much stressful first semester of my senior year. Hence, I got into a mode which is better known as The Art of Doing Nothing – a long stretch of days that spanned of having myself enjoy my time, my space, my everything even if just for a little while.

(c) S. Buyco

This was something I truly needed and with it came back all my energy, brain power, and creative juices that could have performed better if not for all that craziness and hectic schedules. I don’t blame anyone though. I chose to do more than what was required of me and I enjoyed and learned a lot from it too. Sometimes, however, it’s just great to get that time to stop and celebrate a well-deserved break.

Truth be told, my first week was still not in vacation mode as I had to finish all my work for Aegis and have my group’s thesis proposal approved (hence, a few more all-nighters.) After that was well – freedom! And an amazing feeling it was.

From there, my life was basically spent doing “nothing” – things that though are really not “nothing”, are things that I could not normally do on a normal day as a student with projects, papers, reports, and org work to finish.

That “nothing” comprised of the simplest things really:

Welsh Mythology from whence Lloyd Alexander took his inspiration for his Chronicles of Prydain

Reading books: Something that had I could not do due to the fact that I have a hundred more pages to read for the rest of my subjects. Take note, all these were required and not read out of the pleasure that it would bring. Thus, reading what I really wanted to read is a big thing for me.

Listening to music: While not doing anything else but simply listening. Or perhaps doing something yet non-school related. That’s to say that I got to really listen to Taylor Swift’s new album Red over and over again. (Pardon me for I truly like her as an artist.)

Window shopping: The kind of shopping not everybody likes doing. Because if one is in a mall with all the pretty things here and there, who would not want to take a bit of them home? I for one, opted for this because though it is a little sad that I would not be able to buy that cute dress or that nice pair of blue heels, I had that time to just walk through the various boutiques in the mall and admire the things from a distance. Perhaps it also applies here that sometimes, kailangan ng distansya upang mapanatili ang pagnanasa. Haha!

(c) F. Ignacio’s Instagreeemm!

Taking an out-of-town vacation with friends: One that is for the books, I believe. I have experienced a lot of firsts when I was 18 and 19 but as a 20 year-old girl who was allowed to go and live in a foreign country for five months but never allowed to go anywhere (at least for more than a day) with her friends back here in her home country, this was definitely a first – even in the history of our family. My grandmother had been very strict with both her daughters, my mom and my aunt, and she had never allowed them to go on trips with their friends either. This was the same rule they applied to me that is, until that faithful day when I asked my dad and he said yes so my mom said yes too.

It was a three-day two-night trip to Fontana, Pampanga and I never thought I would see the day that I will hear them say Yes. Oh the joy that pulsated through my entire being! Haha! (Thanks Sarah and to Sarah’s mom!) 

(c) S. Gan: Spell L-O-V-E!

It was out-of-town doing “nothing” kind-of-trip as we spent the days mostly chilling out in our villa by eating, watching movies, talking, and eating some more. We did take the time to leave our villa to have a two-hour swim and fun at the water park late in the afternoon and a short dip in the Olympic-size swimming pool during the evening. It was really fun, with all those crazy Instagreeemm! photos, that Popoy-Bash­ showdown, and all that chicken I could not eat.

Truth is, despite my allergies with chicken and seafood, I still eat them too but it was the first time I was allowed to go on a trip with friends and I wanted to show my parents that they can trust me as things would not go wrong (hence, allergy-prevention and non-drinking for me.) Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself with the grilled pork-barbeque (thanks to Camille and company) and seeing my friends ranging from still “sober”, a little tipsy, acutely dizzy, and drunk. The third day was perfect with home-cooked breakfast, taking turn at the showers, packing up bags, and taking group shots. It ended with rain but we had already finished watching A Secret Affair when it began.

(c) S. Buyco: Me. Hi!

Taking a social-networking hiatus: Something I usually do during sembreaks. I have had too much FB during regular school days since most if not all the activities both school and socially-related are found in the cyberworld. I only opened them during my LSAT days which were after a week of hibernation. It was after all the only thing we could do when we were not assisting students in their manual enlistments.

Downloading photos from friends and fixing my files and folders: Who has the time for this anyway especially when there’s school and work to worry about? And finally, I had the time. So I seized it and it took almost my entire day. I downloaded a copy of photos back in my JTA, a lot of my second semester in JTA, recent photos of Fontana, and many others. Apart from that, I got rid of a lot of unwanted files (a total of 8.58 G!) and organized my folders. Woohoo!

Watching loads and loads of movies The Amazing Spider-Man, The Man on the Ledge, X-Men First Class, Gulliver’s Travels, Knight and Day, The Lucky One, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Resident Evil Afterlife, Resident Evil Retribution, Snow White and the Huntsman, Dark Shadows, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, Vampire Hunter… and the list goes on (I think.) And insert some episodes of House (because of my mom) and lots from The Big Bang Theory (because of my younger brother.)

All these activities involved lots of eating! Nom nom nom.

Some bonding realness with family: An important part of this vacation which I truly am thankful for. During regular school days, we are stuck with hi’s and hello’s, conversations are rare, and bonding time even rarer. With all this time in my hand, I got to bond with my brother who had his pituitary gland suddenly cause him to act all grown-up and snobbish but now he’s back to the same ol’ cheerful brother I used to know. Perhaps it’s all the responsibility that has been donned on him as a grade six student and the hormones that caused him to finally see that girls are indeed attractive. I also got to tell my mom all my stories, my life, how it’s been and bond with my dad over all the movies we got to watch together.

Cleaning: Is this really “nothing”? Of course not, but there’s a good feeling that comes after I see that things are in order and all the things that must be thrown or given away are finally thrown or given away. I got to organize my closet once again back to its color-coordinated order and DIY an old pair of pants to a pair of shorts.

Daydreaming: I do this a lot but I got to do this even more. It’s not really all that good believe me as it got my heartbeat going away over things that could never be. Then again, it’s still the imagination that also gets the creativity coming to life.

Writing: Yes, writing would perhaps be my last one. I had never stopped writing because I always needed to write but not always for the pleasure of it – much like reading. I had to write about facts, the market, case studies, and philosophy and I have nothing against them really. It’s only that sometimes, I want to write simply just because.

And thus, this is my final day – tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of the last semester of my college life. I had wondered what would be best to do on such a day like this and what could be better than do something I love?

(c) T. Villareal


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