Late night musings: As people change us

It is true – people change us, one way or another. In a sense, we consist of all the people we encounter throughout our lives though we may sometimes not notice it. From being this, we become that – that person whom we were not before. Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are as an old adage goes. I did not believe my mom on this one before when I was much younger and stubborn (I now have either become less or more). Later on, I realized more and more that what she was saying is true. The people we choose as our friends or people we choose to be with define us. Perhaps we may like them because they are like us in a way. Or perhaps we like them because we want to be like them. Then again, perhaps we like them without thinking about the first two mentioned above and like them simply for the good company they bring. Continue reading “Late night musings: As people change us”


Red: Taylor Swift on Love and Heartbreak

After my Maroon 5 all-time high, I was really overjoyed to find out that Taylor Swift will be releasing her fourth album soon. I have always been a loyal follower of that amazing girl even while she was still not that famous in our country. It was my friend who made me listen to her Teardrops in my Guitar back when I was in third year high school (I’m in my final year in college now!)  and I couldn’t stop myself from singing it over and over again. From then on, I searched for the rest of her songs (even those which were unpublished) and has remained a fan ever since.

Perhaps it was about her raw honesty that really got me – the way she said what was in her heart every time a new song or album comes out. Upon hearing Taylor Swift’s Red, I saw how she evolved and expanded her horizons in it. She has matured and though she remains a country princess, she was fearless to step out of the box to try other various elements to add to her music. Since it was not until the first week of November that her album reached the country, I had to content myself with listening to her songs on the Internet. Now, however, her music has been constantly on loop on my playlist for the past weeks.


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Paper Stories

In our Com14 class many semesters ago, we had to draw something on 50 sheets of paper. We were to treat those papers like our own talking mirrors telling us what drawing it wants. There was a time limit so it was quite stressful trying to finish the empty papers. Finally, we were then asked to choose around six to ten significant drawings for us to keep while the rest was placed in a pile at the back of the room. I had 12 drawings though but the professor was okay with it saying the maximum would be 15. He then told us to create a story for the pictures we have and that we may get the work of others from the pile of “rejects” because what could be useless for one could actually be useful for another.

Content with my pictures, I formulated the story with whatever comes to mind at the moment.

It’s amazing how the power of imagination comes into play and actually turns unconnected things to something cohesive which is why I would like to share my story. Continue reading “Paper Stories”

The End of Doing Nothing

These past weeks have been nothing but wonderful as I slowly got to regain my chi back after that much stressful first semester of my senior year. Hence, I got into a mode which is better known as The Art of Doing Nothing – a long stretch of days that spanned of having myself enjoy my time, my space, my everything even if just for a little while.

(c) S. Buyco

This was something I truly needed and with it came back all my energy, brain power, and creative juices that could have performed better if not for all that craziness and hectic schedules. I don’t blame anyone though. I chose to do more than what was required of me and I enjoyed and learned a lot from it too. Sometimes, however, it’s just great to get that time to stop and celebrate a well-deserved break. Continue reading “The End of Doing Nothing”

Book Five: The High King

A note from the writer: Skip a book I must for I still do not have a copy of the fourth, Taran Wanderer. Soon enough, I will find it – all in its perfect time and place. Meanwhile, let us move on to the final of the Chronicles of Prydain, The High King, winner of the Newbery Award.

“The final choice, which even faithful Gurgi cannot avoid, is almost too hard to bear. Fortunately, it is never offered to us in the real world – not, at least, in such unmistakable terms. In another sense, we face this kind of choice again and again, because for us it is never final. Whether the Assistant Pig-Keeper chose well, whether the ending is happy, heart-breaking, or both, readers must decide for themselves.”

– Lloyd Alexander

It was time. The inevitable has come – the final battle between good and evil must take place and sides must be taken. Are they for good or for evil? Taran has learned much through all of his adventures. Time and experience had taught him well. Yet as he was faced with the responsibility of becoming one of the war leaders of Prydain, he still stands a little unsure of himself while his friends and followers continue to believe in him and follow him because of friendship, loyalty, and camaraderie.
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