Things Past Overdue

Alternate Title: Writing, Books, and Prydain

I had been meaning to write… been wanting to write… been itching to write for quite a while now.  I have so many things I want to write about that I don’t know where to begin. More than that, my time has been strained due to all the school work and org work I had to accomplish throughout this semester. Finally however, I can say that I am free even if just for a short span of time to pursue the things I love doing. One of that would be of course, writing.

In-between my resting and relaxing, I hope to write the things that have been in my mind, things that interest me, things that have happened, or whatnot. I’m quite excited already actually – for there’s so much to tell. (And only so much that my bubbly heart and imaginative mind could bear.) True enough, writing is so much a part of me that I don’t think it’s any different from the true rest I wish to have during this short break of mine.

What I want to first write about though, no matter how boring it would seem for others, would be about a series of books that I have been collecting throughout the years. I thought I had completed it already but I just discovered that I lacked one after taking them all out of the shelves. I went to the mall today and found myself drawn to Chapters and Pages, a second-hand bookstore. There, I found the last book of the series – quite happy for I had been looking for a copy of each book ever since I got my first of the series back in 2002. 10 years in the making and I still lack one book.

What books? Not quite sure if you’ve ever heard of it but it’s Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain.

I fell in love with The Black Cauldron when my mom first handed me a copy she bought at the National Bookstore located then in Coastal Mall. She bought it for 20 pesos because it seemed like the branch was closing up so it sold its books at a super duper cheap price. It’s the second book but it was all right because what I love about Lloyd Alexander is that he always mentions at his Author’s Note that each of his books can stand on its own when read. True enough, I didn’t feel lost when I read the book and it only made me hunger for more.

From there, I started looking for copies of the other books. I don’t find them in the regular bookstores but rather find them on the second-hand shops. I find such stores much more endearing because I love the smell of books and the older the books are, the better it smells for me. Books have distinct smells too – perhaps it’s because of various trees used to make its very pages.

Since I liked putting my name and the dates when I first obtained them on my books, I was able to keep track of my journey in searching for the other Prydain books:

1. The Book of Three: August 23, 2005

2. The Black Cauldron: April 2002

3. The Castle of Llyr: August 14, 2005

4. Taran Wanderer: Still waiting to be found somewhere, sometime.

5. The High King: October 18, 2012

Because I have finally obtained a copy of the fifth book, I wish to write about them – out of fondness for the chronicles and the author. 

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