Into La La Land

I simply must must share this while I have a few minutes to spare. 

Senior year has really taken so much of me – my time, my effort, my energy, everything almost. Then there are moments which really make it all seem worth it. That despite of everything I am going through right now, there are still things that makes me feel happy. 

(c) Shanice Garcia

One of that is being a part of the AEGIS 2013 Editorial Board. As the team responsible for creating our batch’s yearbook, I can say that it is something which I can leave as a mark to my fellow seniors. Work is not easy and at times I don’t know how to deal with it anymore especially if it is combined with other academic requirements.

The strange thing about it is that my work here in AEGIS is not something that is required from me but would require so much of me. However, I still chose to be a part of it and my entire experience so far has been nothing but truly enjoyable. 

Aside from currently editing tons of write-ups of seniors, I also got the chance to go to a publishing company and be there during the proofing of photos. I did not mind it even if I extended beyond my scope of work because I got to discover and learn new things which simply excites me.

Then there’s my experience of taking shifts during the graduation photo shoot of the seniors. We were required to take a shift for at least two hours a week but by chance, I somehow had to stay longer and go back frequently because no other Ed Board member at times could be available. Sometimes, it makes me sad because my time for other important things is lessened. Later on, I really began to enjoy it – signing contracts, entertaining questions, assisting students, and making sure that everybody is following the dress code. 

Even more was when I got the chance to know the team responsible for the photo shoots themselves. The Agencie. Inc. has been the photo agency of my university for three consecutive years already and I can say that their work is awesome. They make sure that the students’ final yearbook photos turn out beautifully with the exception of some minor errors in editing and the like. 

(c) The Agencie.Inc.

For the entire span of time that they have been having shoots, they rented a large space in the ISO Building inside my university and that’s where I go after class usually every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Being there was like being in La La Land where everything just feels so relaxed and warm (despite the aircon) and happy. Even when I say that I’ll be studying or doing some of my work while taking my shifts, I end up relaxing – listening to music, taking crazy photos at the photo booth of the large Mac screen in front of me (both with other Ed Board members or by myself, haha!), eating snacks provided by the photo agency, bonding with other Ed Board members (if I’m not alone during that shift) and getting to meet the staff more and more. 

As I got to be closer with my co-AEGIS members, I also got to learn so much from the other people who were there. There’s Tito Tony and Tito Rocky, the President and the CEO of The Agencie. Inc. – who are both expert photographers and the ones who took my toga and casual shots respectively. Then Kuya Christian Aldrin who took my creative shots and the person whom I first got to know among the others. He’s really nice and since we somehow know each other more, he was always nice enough to give me extra shots here and there of me or with my friends. Haha! 

Since the hair and make-up is free for all Ed Board members, I had mine done during my official shoots by Pearl, Eric, and Allen. They all had distinct styles and approaches on make-up and I loved their works. Superb, really! They even thought me how to put on mascara. Then there’s also Erica and some other people who were there last Saturday, Sep 22 (the day of my official graduation shoot – done after all the seniors had theirs) – all make-up artists and fashion assistants who assisted and helped me. They were all so funny and cute and adorable, especially Allen who really made sure that I would look awesome (well, I hope I did.) Haha! 

Then there’s Ate Marge, the secretary or cashier lady who could pass up as a student. She’s not too talkative unlike the others but she smiles a lot. And who could forget the editors who are so amazing at tinkering with Photoshop. Give them a few minutes and you will suddenly look fresh and glowing as if you were never stressed in the first place. Kuya Vic, Kuya Christian and the rest of the Kuyas were responsible for the music too that would set the vibe of the entire room. They gave me some tips on how to easily edit on Photoshop aside from the usual clone stamp which I frequently use. 

What I love about them most of all is there closeness to each other, like one big team or family that works together. Tito Tony is just so down-to-earth, always making jokes, and responding so gently. I have a feeling that he really takes care of his team, just like the way he took care of us – the AEGIS 2013 Editorial Board. Of course Tito Rocky was also there, helping us every step of the way especially during the bidding of publishers and with all the little things. They provided food, gave us free packages, and really took care of us. This last thing, though simple, really warmed my heart. I felt this most of all last Saturday and (though cliche), words are not enough to express my deepest thanks to their entire team. 

That day, a lot of Ed Board members came and we had so much shots taken. It was the VIP treatment for everything! It was also an extra fun day because the make-up artists plus Tito Tony and Tito Rocky danced the Gangnam Style a few hours after I requested it to be played by the editors. Needless to say, I danced at times too. Crazy, fun, super – and recalling it still makes me smile and giddy. 

Their last day is this Saturday, Sep 29 and I admit that I will miss them – all of them. I will the laugh trip, the food (haha, I know!), the entire setup in that ISO room, the photo booth and random photo shoots, those days when demanding students suddenly appear, and of course, the people. My hippy happy La La Land will be gone after that last day.

And though I know that they may not remember my name (or not know my name at all) and may not remember me forever, I know that I’ll always remember and look back on the days when I got the chance to meet all of them. 

They may not be able see this or read this but I want to say that I am truly truly grateful to my entire AEGIS 2013 Ed Board team and to The Agencie. Inc. You guys are awesome! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

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