Into La La Land

I simply must must share this while I have a few minutes to spare. 

Senior year has really taken so much of me – my time, my effort, my energy, everything almost. Then there are moments which really make it all seem worth it. That despite of everything I am going through right now, there are still things that makes me feel happy. 

(c) Shanice Garcia

One of that is being a part of the AEGIS 2013 Editorial Board. As the team responsible for creating our batch’s yearbook, I can say that it is something which I can leave as a mark to my fellow seniors. Work is not easy and at times I don’t know how to deal with it anymore especially if it is combined with other academic requirements.

The strange thing about it is that my work here in AEGIS is not something that is required from me but would require so much of me. However, I still chose to be a part of it and my entire experience so far has been nothing but truly enjoyable.  Continue reading “Into La La Land”