Overexposed: Maroon 5 Bares It All

Truth be told, ever since I got hold of Maroon 5’s latest album, Overexposed, I couldn’t stop playing it on loop. I had always been a fan of the band, especially of Adam Levine’s sexy voice, with Sunday Morning, She Will be Loved, and Misery as part of my playlist-of-songs-which-I-never-get-tired-of-listening-to-over-and-over-again. 

This album, however, actually did it for me. Officially addicted, I think I’m on a Maroon 5 all-time high. It’s crazy because it’s not just one or two songs which I liked but all of them. As in all of them.

They’re actually on loop as I write this. Forgive me though, for I am no expert in music reviews. Mostly, I usually look into the lyrics and a bit on the sound and feel of the song. I only write with what I know and what I know is that their songs are so awesome.

Edited the title Maroon 5: Overexposed on the photo

Let’s have a look then: 

1. One More Night

So I cross my heart and I hope to die

That I’ll only stay with you one more night

And I know I said it a million times

But I’ll only stay with you one more night

A great start to the album due to its very sexy and reggae-feel beats, One More Night will want to make you dance as you ponder on how you’ll get out of the really awful relationship you just can’t seem to get away from. 

Grade: A

2. Payphone

But all of my bridges burned down

I’ve wasted my nights,

You turned out the lights

Now I’m paralyzed,

Still stuck in that time,

When we called it love,

But even the sun sets in paradise

The second song is their latest single, quite easily catching everyone’s attention with its lyrics. When one suddenly realizes that Once upon a time never ends with Happily ever after, all those fairytales [suddenly become] full of it. Aah, the stage of disillusionment after a break-up gone wrong. 

Grade: A

3. Daylight 

And when the daylight comes I’ll have to go

But tonight I’m gonna hold you so close

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own

But tonight I need to hold you so close

This is a more bittersweet approach to a break-up. It speaks volumes of love yet the inevitability of leaving must once and for all take place. It tells a story.  A final evening spent together. A mutual agreement. The morning that comes after. It will surely leave you holding on to each and every Ooh-woah sung by Adam. 

Grade: A

4. Lucky Strike

You’re such a motivator, I gotta get you where

So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir

You’re such an instigator, you wanna play the game

Take it or leave it, that’s her, that’s her

Not really much heartbreak here, just a lot of innuendos about being up all night and striking a score. He thinks he’s lucky but then he realizes (later on when all the songs about heartbreak appear on pen and paper) that he wasn’t. Plus points though for the catchy beat.

Grade: B+

5. The Man Who Never Lied

I was the man who never lied

Never lied until today

But I just couldn’t break your heart

Like you did mine yesterday

Never lied? Of course you have. You lie. I lie. We all lie. We lie for many reasons. To protect someone else. To protect ourselves. To hurt someone else. To hurt ourselves. To hide something. The possibilities are endless. 

Grade: B+

6. Love Somebody 

I really wanna love somebody

I really wanna dance the night away

I know we’re only half way there

But you can take me all the way, you can take me all 

the way

This is a story about a boy and a girl. (500 days of Summer) Of falling and falling and being ready to jump, to take the leap, and to take that chance. I just can’t help but love the lyrics and dance to the awesome melody of this song. My top two on their best songs on the album.

Grade: A+

7. Ladykiller


She’s in it just to win it

Don’t trust her for a minute


Quite a different take from its traditional meaning of being a man very attractive to women, all I hear is the word SHE. Like what? She’s a ladykiller? Unless even all the women are attractive to her in that way. 

Grade: B

8. Fortune Teller

Don’t worry about tomorrow’s mess

I’ll never know how the future will go

I don’t know what to tell ya, I’m not a fortune teller

I’ll never change but I want you to stay

I don’t know what to tell ya, I’m not a fortune teller

The future of course, is quite a part of the great unknown. It’s all about crossing the bridge when we get there kind-of-thing. It speaks of taking things one day at a time, of just letting things flow, and of enjoying the moment as it is. I guess we all have think too much at times that we forget to appreciate what we already have at the moment. 

Grade: B+

9. Sad

Oh, but I’m scared to death

That there may not be another one like this

And I confess that I’m only holding on by a thin thin 


Fear. Guilt. Regret. Wanting to hold on out of fear. Feeling guilty for things left unsaid. Wondering if it was something one should regret – after everything. Hearing only Adam Levine’s voice and a few instrumentals at the back, it leaves the song pure and flawless. 

Grade: A

10. Tickets

You’re perfect on the outside, but nothing at the core

It’s easy to forget when you show up at my door

Stop messing with my mind, cause you’ll never have my heart

But your perfect little body ma-ma-makes me fall apart

Your perfect little body ma-ma-makes me fall apart

Hints of bitterness can be sensed after realization hits you right at the face.  Beautiful on the outside but quite the contrary on the inside, you were tricked into believing and fell into temptation. Truly, looks can be deceiving. 

Grade: B

11. Doin’ Dirt

So right now, I wanna leave with you right now

I wanna be with you all night, in the car let’s go

Yeah let’s take it home, let’s take it home, let’s take 

it home

Giving you that disco feel, the beat will make you groove to the 60’s beat and feel like you just wanna peace out. I think the lyrics convey exactly the same sentiments. It’s all about fun – no strings attached. 

Grade: B+

12. Beautiful Goodbye

And I remember your eyes were so bright

When I first met you, so in love that night

And now I’m kissing your tears goodnight

And I can’t take it, you’re even perfect when you cry

Beautiful goodbye, bye, bye

Is dripping from your eyes, your beautiful goodbye

Is dripping from your eyes, oh yeah

A favorite of mine – truly, definitely, absolutely. The sweet and simple yet sexy beat that follows the previous song takes you by surprise if you hear it for the first time. Adam Levine sings this song with so much heart and feeling that you actually know and believe that he is singing this for someone. It speaks of goodbye but in a different light. Perfect ending to the original album. Like really. 

Grade: A++

Bonus tracks: 

13. Wipe Your Eyes

Hey you, come over and let me embrace you

I know that I’m causing you but pain too

But remember if you need to cry

I’m here wipe your eyes

Tonight before you fall asleep

I’ll run my thumb across your cheek

Cry ’cause I’m here to wipe your eyes

I know I made you feel this way

You gotta breath we’ll be okay

Cry ’cause I’m here to wipe your eyes

It begins with an ethnic-like voice in the background before the lyrics surface and then you start appreciating the song. We sometimes hurt the ones we love the most even if we don’t mean to. Filled with much humility and the willingness to accept one’s fault, it speaks of a sincere love to be there for the  beloved through it all.

Grade: A

14. Wasted Years

Slow is the memory

I can picture her standin’ right in front of me

Said that I’m behaving badly

I’m kinda driving her crazy and I know she wants me

Not too complicated of a beat, this song leaves me nothing much to say except that it sounds a series of rants and raves of a man. It gives me a bit of a rap feel and all that.

Grade: B

15. Kiss

You don’t have to be rich

To be my girl

You don’t have to be cool

To rule my world

Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with

I just want your extra time and your


A cover on Prince’s song, Maroon 5 added its own feel and soul to it. This is quite a long one actually due to the guitar solos, piano sounds, and all other instruments playing. Less singing, more time for the band to really shine. It was the most different out of all the songs in the album but perhaps most fun for everyone to do. 

Grade: B+

All in all, the album bested all the others (at least for me.) The lyrics spoke volumes and even if I am far from any heartbreak or am not searching for love,  I could relate to most of them.

After hearing all that, it seems that I was told a story – about love and heartbreak. Truly, Maroon 5 has bared it all.

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