A past revisited

For a God to love you the way He does, you cannot help but love Him back.

– Mai Rustia (2011)

Whenever I look back on the things I’ve written before, I cannot help but smile and a million thoughts and feelings come flooding and rushing back to me. At times, I cannot believe that I actually wrote what I did write. Then there at times that I am simply reminded of the things that I have realized then which makes me say wow, I actually realized that. And there are times that I just want to take a look – just because.


From my Tumblr account:

Expectations (June 2011)

Haha. I’m back to expectations once again. During our philosophy class yesterday, our substitute professor began discussing Heidegger’s On the Essence of Truth. First of all, the reading was quite tough to comprehend especially since it’s from a mind such as a Heidegger. But during the discussion, I really appreciated what my professor said about expectations. We have so many preconceived notions of things that things appear to us only the way we want to and miss out on the other things that might be important, possibly be more important and wonderful. We miss out a lot because we don’t wait for things to unfold themselves on their own. And this is so true. As I saw my life, I realized that many times I had too much expectations of everything – how my life should be, how this guy fits my idea of “The One”, how my grades should turn out, how my friends and family should treat me, and so much more. It’s the truth. Haha – the TRUTH! :)) Anyway, we all have our own set of expectations and when REALITY doesn’t meet it, heartbreaks and heartaches happen. We don’t let life unfold by itself and allow it to surprise us. 

And the part about waiting. We’re such impatient creatures. Waiting is tiresome and annoying to us. We can’t wait for things to unfold on their own so I guess that’s the reason for having expectations. Haha. A virtue that must then be developed, PATIENCE. 🙂 A cup of patience everyday goes a long way.

I wanna try it out. Try not having any of those preconceived notions. I think I can’t completely remove all of it but I can try taking out some. Less expectations = less pain. Eh? 😉

Love love,

Mai Mai 🙂

PS. I think this quote is kind of related to it:

The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment.

– Lauran Kate (Fallen)


Success doesn’t mean getting all As (May 2011, I think?)

Haha! 🙂 I’ve been pondering over this for quite a while already – the fact that success isn’t dependent on grades alone. You can be a college dropout and still be a successful man making millions of money. Haha. Consider Mr Edgar Sia at 34 who is now worth $85 million with his Mang Inasal chain of which 70% was sold to Jollibee Food Corp, was a college dropout. Haha! He didn’t get all As but look at where he is now. Perhaps what he has achieved is farther than what all those people who got straight As back in school achieved. People like him inspire me. It’s not really about the money that made me think, “Wow!” It’s the fact that he didn’t let anything hinder him from pursuing something, from going on with life despite the toughness of the real world. That even if he lacked in this or that aspect, he made up for it in the other aspects/talents that he has. So yeah. Here’s to all those people who never gave up! 🙂

looking at the sunny side of everything, (despite this raging storm)

Mai 🙂

PS. The storm – I have something to say about that too. It seems to be telling me to be more flexible. Though I have a plan today which is really important as it is related to my academics, I can’t push through with it coz the storm really is too strong. 😦 But then, instead of dwelling on that, I’ll try to use this time to do other things then – other important academic stuff. 🙂


(March 2011)

Learning to wait on God is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn. Have faith; everything is beautiful in His way.

Truly. 🙂 ❤


With Wings Like Eagles (March 2011)

“He gives power to the faint, and to those who have no vigor He multiplies strength. Although youths will faint and become weary, and young men will collapse exhausted; yet those who wait on Jehovah will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and will not faint; they will walk and will not become weary.” – Isaiah 40:29-31

Let’s all be eagles that we really are inside. Let’s all believe that God will always be there for us. He renews our strength. He uplifts our weary souls. He allows us to fly.


(March 2011)

Now, I’m making myself ready to accept whatever his and His decision will be. I put my faith in God. I’m tired already. My heart is too tired. All I can do now is lean on Him and trust Him. I’m ready.

I’m ready. 


Scared. (March 2011)

Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong. -Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

I won’t deny that I’m scared. But I will face this. Lord, pls be with me. Be my strength. Pls pls pls.


Oh memories. Makes me wanna sing a song. 

2 thoughts on “A past revisited

    1. Hahaha! I know right! I’ve had countless blogs already ~ beginning with Friendster (how archaic), then Multiply, Tumblr, and now here at WordPress. I already deleted my posts in Multiply (which btw will soon be changing its layout and content coz it will be now be solely for online shopping.) So I suggest you go DL them and save them on a word document, something which I do so I can still look back on them whenever I feel nostalgic or emo (eewww!) Hahahaha. 😛

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