Light Conversations

To converse with someone ever so lightly and without any particular aim was quite lovely. That is perhaps what I enjoyed the most when I chance upon my former professor in Political Science last Wednesday afternoon. It was his humor and antics that had kept me laughing heartily half the time while I shared my stories and listened to his. It was his openness that made me feel quite at ease in opening up as well. 

There really is that beauty (for lack of a better word) in talking to someone who is not quite new but not quite a part of my regular and familiar circle. It was good to hear a new perspective from someone who is older and from a professor at that. I now see what my aunt has been telling me long before: That professors do not always have to be professors only for they could also be friends. With more experience and wisdom, one could learn a thing or two (or even more) from them.

Yes, talking to him that day was light and easy.

Like a breath of fresh air.

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