Tales from Taiwan #3: That Particular Sunny Saturday

Wind turbines – big, bold, and beautiful those large spinning things were. I experienced a lot of sunny days in Taiwan (both literally and figuratively) but that particular sunny Saturday gave me a chance to see them all arranged neatly in rows, spinning and spinning till it blows you away.

It was during the time when my friends and I were left to entertain ourselves for the weekend with no plans whatsoever. Luckily, a wonderful fairy godmother who goes by the name of Ms Katy Tsou appeared the day before and told us that she will take us somewhere. With her knight in shining armor and little white carriage, we set off early to go to Taichung Harbor.

Being allergic to almost all seafood save for fish, the harbour did not seem like a good place for me to eat lunch. That did not stop me from trying out things which I could actually eat – like stinky tofu.

Strangely (or perhaps luckily), I could not smell the tofu’s stinky scent so I bought one. The old man brushed some spicy sauce before handing it to me and then I took my first bite. I LOVED IT. From that day on, many more of that stinky tofu were consumed by yours truly.

We walked a little more around the seafood market and bought more food. My friends got to try out the seafood while I was stuck with sweet potatoes and corndogs.

After all that eating, it was time to see the wind turbines next.

My own country has these large spinning things too. A lot of other countries have them too. I just don’t get to see them up close all the time.

All that wind made me feel like I could actually fly. Next thing you know, I was stretching my hands out like the wings of an airplane and running around like a little kid playing make-believe. The child in me came out that day and it was soaring.

As much as I wanted to stay much longer, there was still one last place to stop by – the Gaomei wetlands.

Normally, it was supposed to look like a wide expanse of wet sand with some green plants growing here and there. People can go looking for snails and crabs for leisure. However that day, there was water and it was knee-deep. That did not stop us from having fun so we took off our slippers and waded in the water.

From the wetlands, a beautiful view of the Gaomei lighthouse can be seen.

I looked around me one last time, trying to etch everything in my memory. Then it was time to go home.

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