The summer that was

My summer is officially over and sometimes I think that I didn’t even feel it at all given that I had no vacation of any sort. All I had were those rare moments that I got to spend time at home doing what I wanted which could be whatever pops into my head. There were also weekends where I got to hit the malls with my family which was really a nice break from everything. Other than that, I was pretty busy this summer but I didn’t really mind all that. I may not have been able to to go to the beach or gone off to somewhere exciting and beautiful but life still remains beautiful all the same.

What has become of my summer then? Here’s a rundown:

(c) S. Buyco

The last weeks of my second JTA semesterAfter coming back from Taiwan, my final semester as a third year student began and as summer said hello, my second semester waved its goodbye leaving tears in my eyes for more reasons than one.

Its end marked the official end of our JTA program which means a new batch will be replacing us and it will be their turn to fend themselves before, during, and after their study abroad. Aside from this, it marks the end of being in a very fun block which I have grown fond of (something I realize more and more) mainly because we already know each other so well after going through a lot together. Lastly, the actual turnout of my semester’s academic performance was rather heartbreaking. I was expecting more from it because I worked really hard. In the end however, it made me think. Am I doing these things simply for the grade? 

My summer classes: I took POS100 or Politics and Governance under Sir Gino Trinidad and EC111 or Microeconomics under Sir Ryan Dizon. Meanwhile, I opted to move my HI165 class to my first semester due to another commitment. My classes began during the finals week of my second JTA sem. It was really crazy but manageable. When you’re a student of the Ateneo, I realized, what seems impossible becomes possible.

Economics is not my best subject but I did my best. Meanwhile, my political science course has become one of my favorites while in college because of everything that I have learned. My professor was really funny, friendly, and approachable and I think he has a brilliant mind, especially with the way he approached the topics discussed in class.

A summer internship at the PLDT Student Camp: This was a memorable experience for me because I initially thought that I would not be having any internships during the summer because my mom wanted me to focus on my studies instead. However, some things are just meant for you no matter what you do or don’t do. It all came as a surprise when I got an email, accepted their invitation to the camp, was interviewed twice, and accepted at PLDT Global’s HR Deparment as an HR Researcher. Thinking I had to reject it due to my summer classes, my mentor/boss informed me that my work schedule will be flexible requiring me to go only twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and comply with the rest of the summer camp’s requirements (such as the revalida or business proposal.)

Reading the Hunger Games Trilogy: After watching Battle Royale for a philosophy class, I thought the Hunger Games would not live up to my expectations. It surprised me though, in the most positive sense. This got me interested in reading the books which did not fail me either. It got me hooked and I finished it in a span of a few days amid all my summer class requirements and internship assignments. It was worth it nonetheless because I can closely relate it to my the things I recently learned in my political science class.

Spring cleaning (or rather Summer Cleaning): When both my internship and summer classes ended, I spent a few days cleaning the house and throwing what was needed to be thrown away. During the busy days where the whole family had work and school, no one had the time to do much cleaning. It felt good afterwards especially seeing the house looking neat and nice. It was like throwing away the negative vibes out of one’s life and keeping only those the good things and those that are truly important. I fixed my closet, my bookshelves, and cleaned the rooms of the house. It always feels like an achievement when I see the outcome of my efforts – a clean house and a clear mind. 

(c) N. Tuguinay

Being an assessor during the manual enlistment: As a member of the Loyola Schools Assessment Team, I was required to go to school a week before classes began. We were in charge of helping the students during manual enlistment whenever they encountered some problems during their online enlistment. A day was spent for training and team building while four days were spent for the enlistment period. It’s my third year as a member and I always enjoy helping out students especially when they ask about teachers or make small talk and meeting new people. I was never late despite the very early 7:15am call time. This was another achievement as this requirement gave me the opportunity to be trained and be disciplined. 

Weekend mall dates with the family: Those few free weekends of mine were spent with my family whether at home or at the mall, eating, shopping, or watching movies. There wasn’t any time for a getaway or trip this summer because of the busy schedule but it was all right for all of us. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter where you are. What matters is that you’re with the people you love the most. 

Spending time with a dearly beloved: My family and I have been repeatedly going to the province during some weekends of April and May until the very passing of a dearly beloved great grandmother. She is one of the strongest women I know and I pray that she is happy and with my beloved great grandfather now whom I know to have loved her deeply before his passing, 12 years earlier.

And some other things: Like daydreaming, catching up with friends, watching movies and episodes of a couple of TV series, writing, and eating more fruits.

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