Wistful thinking over days long gone

I silently ponder over all the days spent in a foreign country, not so far away from my home. Time flew like a breeze. In just less than a month away, it will be time for me to go back. Throughout this entire time, I have discovered so much about this beautiful country that I am in. Adapting to the lifestyle was not too effortless nor was it too arduous. It was just right in the middle where everything is balanced, which is something I liked. It was as if everything was prepared for me, by God or by fate, even before I came here. Because of this, I have garnered much learning and understanding of so many things, things that are more than meets the eye.

Living in Taiwan for these past couple of months has been filled with amazing adventures and new experiences. Here, I was able to be fully independent and responsible for myself for the very first time. Living with my parents throughout my life, they were always there to supervise me, guide my actions, and direct me on what I can and cannot do. However, this country allowed me to make the decisions on my own. They were not always easy but for every choice I made, I knew that there was no one else to be held liable for consequences, if there will be any, except me. Because of this, I was able to discover more about myself – something which I always wanted to gain from this experience apart from the academic learning.

As I began to know the person that I am and am continuously becoming, I have also become acquainted with the culture of Taiwan. I can say that being exposed to their way of life has been of help to my own personal growth, whether it has helped me reach a realization or simply opened my mind to a new way of seeing things. What I have learned and what I have experienced are not two separate entities but is actually one large abstraction which I would like to call life. Living life is what I did, am doing, and will be doing – enjoying and appreciating everything that comes along my way. Whether good or bad, the One from above has His reason and all I can do is trust in His will.


And so that is a portion from a paper I had done and submitted to one of my classes in Taiwan a few weeks before leaving. I had always promised that I will write about my adventures in that lovely country once I am there only to fail at that. This is because in fact, living it has been so much wonderful that living in the moment was always better than writing about the events of previous days. Nonetheless, I still have a record of what I did during those times all summarized in e-mails sent to my mom. Only those happenings during the last few weeks of my stay did I not send her a detailed account because by that time, I was really just enjoying what time I have left.

Indeed however, I am now much more encouraged to write about my stories because I was inspired by a friend who said she would write everyday as a resolution for 2012. I made no resolutions except to become better and improve myself. For indeed, every person desires nothing but to grow in life and to wither and die is a sad path to take. So with that, I believe that one part of improvement lies in my writing. I have always loved to write for this is something that I do not find burdensome but rather the best way to lighten the burden which my heart carries at times (for I do not have that much burden – there are much more bigger problems in this world than mine.)

So here’s to my first day of continuous writing. I may or may not always publish it here but I will write – perhaps in a paper, my creative journal (for a class), my personal diary (my conversations with my God). Scribbles of thoughts and things that run through my head.

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