Parting Words

Today is my last day here in my home and with my family. Tomorrow evening, I leave and the rest still lies unknown.

They say people have a great ability to adapt when the need arises. But just as easily, they can resist it. It’s like that for me now. Change is inevitable yet as I allow myself to be a part of that change, I also am resisting it, if not externally, internally – that is, it is within me. I resist the change, the idea of change mainly because it separates me from the people I cherish most and the things that I have grown accustomed to. On the other hand, I also have learned to be flexible and to be flexible I must be with all the sudden changes that are about to happen. This is not just puberty. I have a feeling that this will determine a large chunk of me which involves making decisions in the years to come. Continue reading “Parting Words”